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Merry X-mas from Mick Thomas
Merry X-mas from Mick Thomas
Popboomerang are thrilled to be working again with Mick Thomas on his brand new x-mas album

Finally Mick Thomas releases an actual Christmas album. After a career of playing full fledged national tours pretty much every Christmas, Mick and long time cohort Mark Squeezebox Wally felt it was time to make a really simple fun record that would be good to play on the road. And as there were a whole load of songs they had been revisiting - right back to the dawn of Weddings, Parties, Anything - that had never been recorded it seemed a reasonable idea. And so with a minimum of planning and preparation they found themselves in a local studio for a few days with pretty much all of the Melbourne chapter of players that currently call them selves The Roving Commission.Add Mick Thomas-'Christmas Day At Spencer Street ' To Your Basket

Nick Batterham joins Popboomerang
Nick Batterham joins Popboomerang

Popboomerang Records are excited to announce the signing of Melbourne muso Nick Batterham for his new album release called Closing Time At Yah Yah\'s

In preparation for the August release of the album, Nick is about to release a teaser double-A side single Your Own Head (The River Is Wide) / Own Worst Enemy (a duet with Amaya Laucirica

lListen to the new single at

Popboomerang sign The Solicitors
Popboomerang sign The Solicitors

Popboomerang Records are proud to announce they have signed exciting new Melbourne group The Solicitors for the release of their debut EP Made To Measure.

The Solicitors bring to the table a youthful, fresh take on New Wave Power Pop, inspired by the greats and tailored for the modern world.

Popboomerang 10th Birthday Running Order Revealed! Celebrate & Debate!
Popboomerang 10th Birthday Running Order Revealed! Celebrate & Debate!

Here we go! The 10th Birthday double album running order has been released!

Celebrate & Debate!


 Aches & Shakes: 2002-2012 – A Decade Of Popboomerang!

Disc 1.


1.       Remake Remodel : Accelerate

2.       Tim Reid: Two Left Feet

3.       Splendid: Asleep

4.       Treetops: Confused

5.       Sarah Sarah: Dawsons Creek

6.       Tamas Wells: Valder Fields

7.       Modern Giant: The Band’s Broken Up

8.       Sneeze: Going For The Drive

9.       Four Hours Sleep: Who You Gonna Love? (feat. Stephen Cummings)

10.    Gigantic: Some Suburban Road

11.    Grand Atlantic: Smoke and Mirrors

12.    The Crustaceans: Telecaster

13.    Jane Vs World: B-Grade Lisa Loeb

14.    Summercats: Wild Rice

15.    Frente: Sweet

16.    The Steinbecks: The Doppler Effect (feat. Tali White)

17.    Splurge: She’s Not The One

18.    Magneto: Shooting Star

19.    Adrian Whitehead: Caitlin’s 60’s Pop Song

20.    The Sunshine Ponies: Love Bus


Disc 2.


21.    Skipping Girl Vinegar: One Chance

22.    The Aerial Maps: On The Punt

23.    Brilliant Fanzine: One In 10,000

24.    Bryan Estepa: Aches and Shakes

25.    The Beautiful Few: Atlantic Edge (feat. Oliver Mann)

26.    Jona Byron: Arm Yourself

27.    The Solomons: Waiting For Something To Happen

28.    Danna and The Changes: Baby Love

29.    D. Rogers: The Boy In The Rain

30.    Russell Crawford: Overachiever

31.    The Bon Scotts: We Like War

32.    Georgia Fields: All The King’s Men

33.    Young Werther: Around The World

34.    The Killjoys: Freefalling

35.    Underminers: Only Half Of Me Wants To Be Good

36.    Penny Hewson: Most Of All

37.    Deserters: Stars Burn

38.    Celadore: Burn Down The Lighthouse

39.    Go-Go Sapien: Recreational Derelict

40.    The Sugargliders: Top 40 Sculpture


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Popboomerang 10th Birthday fan funding project!

As you may know 2012 is a big year for the label as we turn 10 years old!

We will soon be releasing a limited-edition 2-CD, 40 song retrospective album called:Aches & Shakes: 2002-2012 – A Decade Of Popboomerang!

This is however an expensive project to finish & Popboomerang does need some to bring the project to life. We have started a 2 month long fan funding effort to get this project over the line. Some cool packages including many limited edition merch items can be seen at the following link:

We have made a little promo video as a teaser to remind you of some of the great Popboomerang songs over the decade.(please excuse any small mistakes or sound/vision glitches) The final running order of the album will be revealed soon!

Thanks guys! Please spread the word!


Popboomerang Records signs Melbourne musician Penny Hewson
Popboomerang Records signs Melbourne musician Penny Hewson

Popboomerang Records are proud to announce they have signed Melbourne musician Penny Hewson for the release of her second solo album \'It’s An Endless Desire\'. The album is the follow up to her 1998 solo release \'Me\'.

Penny will be no stranger to discerning lovers of melodic, reflective, atmospheric pop music. She and musical collaborator Simon Honisett formed the seminal Australian outfit Sea Stories (who became one of the few bands to sign to prestigious USA label I.R.S. Records - home to R.E.M & Concrete Blonde) for a pair of critically acclaimed albums. 

Having recently returned from 10 years in Los Angeles (and a brief moment in the sun with her indie rock 3-piece My Zuko), Penny set about recording the album she’s always wanted to make as a solo artist. The winter album release will be preceded with a double A-side single \'This One’s For You/My Lover’s Touch\'

We Will All Die At The Hands Of C.G.I.
We Will All Die At The Hands Of C.G.I.
We Will All Die At The Hands Of C.G.I. is the brand new 11 track album from Melbourne folk-rogers The Bon Scotts. Available for sale now from Popboomerang & at all their live shows! Check out for all tour details!Add The Bon Scotts-'We Will All Die At The Hands Of C.G.I.' To Your Basket

Deserters: \"Stars Burn\" Brightly!
Deserters: \
Luke Thomas\' Deserters are busy in the studio recording the follow up to their acclaimed debut Pale Morning. New York based producer Victor Van Vugt (Nick Cave, PJ Harvey, The Panics) has mixed their killer, early Radiohead-esque, single \'Stars Burn\' which also features backing vocals by Sydney-sider Elly-May Barnes (youngest daughter of the legendary Jimmy). ‘Stars Burn’ will be released on iTunes this September and on a AA-side EP in October with the follow up single ‘Lemon Kicks’. The five-piece Melbourne band’s sophomore album will then be available early 2012.

The Melbourne-based songwriter is probably best known as the bass-playing half of The Pictures (in collaboration with You Am I’s Davey Lane). As guitarist, lead vocalist and producer of his own band, Deserters, Thomas steps out from Lane’s shadow to shine the light on his own evocative, well-crafted songs, rich with melody and a turn of phrase that reaches into the influential well of writers such as Steve Kilbey, Neil Finn and Grant McLennan, Thomas’ intuitive writing technique captures a classic Australian quality. 

Deserters will be launching ‘Stars Burn’ at Melbourne’s The Retreat Hotel on Friday September 16.

Popboomerang \"Go Go Sapien\"
Popboomerang \
Popboomerang are excited to announce they have signed signed Melbournian Psych rock outfit GO-GO SAPIEN and will release their sophomore album This Body Is Wrong For Us in October.

In addition to the album audio, the release will include a companion album length film on DVD, drawing influence from the canon of classic sci-fi, schlock-horror B-movies and surrealist art films.

“Keep Calm, Carry the Monkey” Brand new album from Skipping Girl Vinegar
“Keep Calm, Carry the Monkey” Brand new album from Skipping Girl Vinegar

Popboomerang is excited to announce the brand new album from Melbourne indie darlings Skipping Girl Vinegar is now officially released. The album is called “Keep Calm, Carry the Monkey” and is a full swing of moods, rich with sonic landscapes, melodies and lyrical turns and features a special guest performance from legendary singer/songwriter Ron Sexsmith (CANADA). It also includes artwork that\'s more nuts than the last album. The physical album has to be seen to be believed, full of textures, photos, cut outs, lyrics and reflects the layered feel of the tracks. The band have been working on the record over the past 14 months and are mighty proud of it. You can get your copy from all good record stores from the 7th of May. But you can pre-order now from...



3. Your favourite Indie Store. 

The Killjoys - Ruby & Pearly & Popboomerang!
The Killjoys - Ruby & Pearly & Popboomerang!

20 years ago today The Killjoys won the ARIA Best Independent  Release award for their debut album Ruby. This album launched the band on a distinguished career of recording, releasing and touring records around the globe. Throughout that time the band have been favourites of the indie pop scene garnering glowing reviews for their shows and their lush recordings.

 "Their trump card is Anna Burley's voice, to these ears she is a better singer than either Bjork or Eddie Reader"
The Word - Ireland

"intoxicating sounds.... Sun drenched tales of- poignant love... truly scrumptious"
Melody Maker UK

Ruby has been unavailable since the demise of distributors MDS 13 years ago and the band are celebrating the anniversary by remastering Ruby and packaging it together with their new studio album Pearl. The band have just inked a deal Popboomerang Records. The new songs on “Pearl” evoke the emotions & soundscapes of ‘Ruby” and are embellished by past Killjoys members including Penny hewson, Caroline Schwerkolt, Michael Hohnen and Jeremy Smith.

My Old Guitar is the first single from Pearl. It is a story of lost love, from a guitar that once travelled the world playing to huge festival and TV audiences but now gathers dust in the hall. The song features the beautiful voice of Charles Jenkins in a guest duet. The B-side is a re-mastered version of their first single Fall Around Me

Aerial Maps new album - presale offer!
Aerial Maps new album  - presale offer!

Exciting times ahead for Sydney band The Aerial Maps who have just completed the recording & mastering of their new album The Sunset Park (The follow up to the critically acclaimed debut album In The Blinding Sunlight). Popboomerang & The Aerial Maps have are offering a special pre-sale/loyalty deal for fans to help us bring this amazing album to life.


Pre-purchase the new 13 track album from the Aerial Maps and the band will list your name in the album liner notes as their way of saying thank you for your support & loyalty. Purchasing this album early will allow the band to stay independent and will go a long way to helping the band raise the necessary funds for manufacturing/artwork/advertising and various marketing & promotions for the album. This presale offer will end May 2011 when the album goes off to pressing. Please tell your friends. CD's will be sent out on July 1 2011.


You can order the album for $25 plus postage from or if you prefer the cool bandcamp site, it can be purchased for $27 (higher cost due to bandcamp fees)  plus postage from


Thanks everyone.


Scott  Thurling– Popboomerang Records

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Great Scott - Here comes Bon! (Aug 2010)
Great Scott - Here comes Bon!

Popboomerang records are excited to announce they have signed Melbourne ensemble "The Bon Scotts" (Not an ACDC cover band) for their debut release “Oddernity.” The Bon Scotts' songs demonstrate an instrumentally charismatic blend of found sounds, home-made instruments and traditional folk rock as well as cheeky and observant song writing, filled with quirky passionate word play.

Popboomerang sign The Underminers (Jun 2010)
Popboomerang sign The Underminers

Popboomerang Records are proud to announce they have signed Melbourne band “Underminers” and will soon release the bands 3rd long player called

“Heart Part Of Mind.” For Those uninitiated, Underminers feature lead vocals from Justin (Hap) Hayward (formerly The Dead Salesmen). The album will be introduced by the double a-side single “Self Locking/Audacious” which has just been released to media


More info at


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Popboomerang sign Celadore (Mar 2010)
Popboomerang sign Celadore

Popboomerang Records are excited to announce

the signing of young Melbourne band Celadore,

for the forthcoming release of their debut EP,

"Distance Is A Gun."


Recorded in the secluded sanctuary of a coastal

beach shack, “Distance Is A Gun” showcases the

bands love of honest, melodic pop-rock, highlighted

in tracks such as the single “Make Sure”, the

pulsating title track as well as the epic EP closer,



Swinging between brooding rock, subdued

balladry and joyous, uplifting pop, Celadore

will capture the hearts and minds of music

lovers and critics alike.


Popboomerang sign The Solomons (Feb 2010)
Popboomerang sign The Solomons

Popboomerang are thrilled to announce the signing of Melbourne band The Solomons for the release of their “debut EP” 

Recorded by Craig Harnath and Finn Keane at Hothouse Studios (Franz Ferdinand, Jet)and mastered by Tony Mantz at Jack The Bear Deluxe Mastering (Nick Cave, You Am I),

The Solomons “EP” will be released on Saturday March 20, and launched that night atThe Ding Dong Lounge. More at


Popboomerang Sign Young Werther (Feb 2010)
Popboomerang Sign Young Werther

Popboomerang are very excited to announce the release of the debut Young Werther album (Michael Young formerly from Melbourne band The Restless) entitled "Knights of the Department Store"

Produced by Nick Huggins (Kid Sam, Whitley) the album takes Young Werther to a new pop/rock territory whilst still retaining all the trademark stripped back melancholy he displays so well in his beautiful music

The first single “Around The World” will be released to the media in the coming weeks

The Sunshine Ponies Need Your Help!!!!! special pre-sale offer (Jan 2010)
The Sunshine Ponies Need Your Help!!!!! special pre-sale offer
Hey everyone, We are about to do something we have never done before this explicitly at Popboomerang, which is to ask for help from friends & fans to complete a project.
You may have already heard about the musical poems project happening at Popboomerang which came about when a pair of accidental poets (wonder who they are? hmm) wrote a bunch of poems and were brave or cheeky enough show them to their favourite musical artists who jumped at the chance to put melodies to the words.
So over the last 3 years a succession of songs have been recorded with the end result being we have a finished & mastered album on our hands. We have called the "indie supergroup" "The Sunshine Ponies" and the musical poems project "Mixtapes & Soundtracks"
You can sample some of the songs at
So how do we need your help? This project has been an expensive one & we are very low on funds hitting the last "hurdle" (artwork & manufacturing). We have decided to do a special early bird presale offer for friends & fans to help us complete the album. For $10 (plus postage) you will get a copy of the album posted to you the day the album returns from the pressing plant. (6 weeks time) As an added incentive & recognition for your support, all presale people will get their names printed in the liner notes of the album as our way of saying a HUGE thank you. This presale early bird offer price is for a very limited time (3 weeks) and the album will retail for normal prices upon release date.
If you are interested in supporting the Sunshine Ponies & myself & Sarah, head to the mailorder page to purchase the album.
Please feel free to help the project by forwarding this message on & telling your friends about the offer.
Below is a final line up songs & key members involved:
The Sunshine Ponies: Mixtapes & Soundtracks
1.   Sarah Sunshine (featuring Michael Carpenter & Jadey O’Regan)
2.   The Wishing Tree (featuring Bayli O’Keefe)
3.   Ballad Of The Blue Butterfly # 1 (featuring Adrian Whitehead)  
4.   18 Floors (featuring Tim Reid)
5.   Chance Meeting (featuring Mild Sparrow)
6.   The Good Egg (featuring Bryan Estepa)
7.   Lucky Break (featuring Vicuna Coat)
8.   Art Of Fighting (featuring Ben Birchall)
9.   The Bigger Picture (featuring Kelly’s Heels)
10. Circles (featuring Vicuna Coat)
11. Love Bus (featuring Matthew O’Neill & Brilliant Fanzine)  
12. Ballad Of The Blue Butterfly # 2 (featuring Danna from Danna & The Changes)
13. Comeback (featuring Paul Andrews from Lazy Susan)
14. Nightfall (featuring The Aerial Maps)
15. She Steps On All The Cracks (featuring Broken Flight)
16. If Our Days Are Numbered...(featuring D. Rogers & Emma Heeney)
17. A Beautiful Mess (featuring Angie Hart & Four Hours Sleep)
18. Crimson Love (featuring The Millers Tale)
19. Wishing Tree #2 (featuring Georgia Fields)
20. Tinselled Ponies (featuring Rachel Crossthwaite & Danna from Danna & The Changes)
21. Sarah Sunshing (reprise)
22. Lou Lou & Scotty (featuring Kath & Rob Simpson from The Triangles)
Thanks everyone
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Let The Aerial Maps be the soundtrack to your Summer! (Jan 2010)
Let The Aerial Maps be the soundtrack to your Summer!
"Happy new year everyone! Here is a news posting straight from the horses mouth so to speak....."Hi there ... here's a special offer from our fantastic record label,

In order to get the new Aerial Maps recording effectively done and dusted as soon as poss, we need to "shift" a few copies of our first album. In that regard, if you haven't already got a copy, Popboomerang are offering
a special summer deal - buy our album 'In The Blinding Sunlight' and receive a free copy of the old band Modern Giant's 'This is Sydney' EP, plus a copy of the Popboomerang sampler extravaganza 'It's Always Summer at Popboomerang' for just $20, INCLUDING POSTAGE (within Australia).

Wow, what a bargain and what better way to get through these hot summer (or winter, depending on location) days than a bit of the Maps on your
stereo? Go on, it's easy ... go to

and order away!

see you soon with brand new material - The Maps"

There is "Drama" in Georgia Fields high sea horizon! (Dec 2009)
There is

 Some big news for Popboomerang & Georgia Fields who is busy gearing up for her run of Sunday’s in Jan at Pure Pop records Melbourne & her “One Finger” CD launch in late Jan in Sydney. 

In December of 2007, Georgia Fields released her debut CD, Drama on the High Seas of Emotion.  The eight acoustic-pop songs were initially intended to be demos, but throughout the recording process they developed into a genuine package – a cohesive and distinctive mini-album. 

Drama on the High Seas of Emotion garnered critical acclaim in printed press and radio alike.  The title-track peaked at number 4 on Triple J’s Unearthed Pop Charts, and was also featured extensively on ABC National, Triple J, 3RRR, and Joy FM.  With each CD cover personally handcrafted from a Little Golden Book, Georgia soon sold out of over 500 copies. 

 In March 2008, ABC Radio’s Coodabeen Champions Sunday evening program invited Georgia to perform a showcase of the EP live-to-air, which was broadcast nationally. The record’s closing track, ‘Little Vices’, was subsequently included on the ABC Compilation Album, Underneath The Radar.

While Georgia’s audience is anticipating the delivery of her sophomore release, Popboomerang Records are breathing new life into Georgia’s debut recordings.

Drama on the High Seas of Emotion will be re-released in digipak form in January, with brand new album artwork by Luci Everett.

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Jona Byron: Extinct Hearts (ready for sale) (Nov 2009)
Jona Byron: Extinct Hearts (ready for sale)

Hi Popboomers, our last release for 2009 PB 054 Jona Byron: Extinct Hearts is ready for sale! We are very proud of this release which will reintroduce Jona to the hearts & ears of music lovers as he puts the final touches to his debut full length album "Halo\'s" which will be released mid 2010. You can sample the songs from Extinct Hearts at

Here is a little snapshot of the making of "Extinct Hearts from the man himself:

So as I am the zoo keeper, I also get the proud privilege to show off my own projects, and my latest solo release through Popboomerang Records, a mini-album titled Extinct Hearts.

The idea of this release came when Scott Thurling (label manager) suggested we have a release to bridge the gap between my full length debut record 'Halos' (due out 2010). I agreed and so started sifting through endless hours of recordings, until we agreed on what was originally 5 tracks. One being the song Glass Jaws that we attempted to release as a short run single, however the single mix was far from the desired end product we had hoped for, so when I went to put the mini album together I revamped Glass Jaws with new lead vocals (sang the night before mastering!!!) and banjo ukelele. I also included the single b-side \'Duck Shooting' on the mini-album and a cover of the classic Bob Dylan song 'The Times They Are A Changin'. The real work came when I completely overhauled the song 'Extinct Hearts', adding new guitars only a week before label deadline, and new vocals once again! It was a nightmare, and unbelievably all the material was recorded and mixed on an old Powerbook G4 laptop, with a hard drive that was on it's way out (little did I know this at the time) thus slowing down the processing power considerably. This meant (and I kid you not) that not only did I have to bounce my grouped tracks (such as drum tracks and then music, then vocals) into separate projects but even then sometimes the plugins I needed to use would overload the CPU and I would have to bounce my mix as a stereo track…just to preview a mix! And I would also guess how things would most likely sit from listening to older mixes, then make slight changes in EQ or level adjustments, make notes of my changes, bounce and hope for the best! This is how I mixed the entire mini-album! Not many people can believe this when they hear the finished product but let\'s just say it took me many hundreds of hours to do and a hell of a lot of patience and beer! Towards the end of production I ran out of time and literally did not sleep for 3 days. I was in panic mode and could not hurry up my slow laptop, in fact it started slowing down the more I pushed it. When I got to Jack The Bear's Deluxe Mastering in Brunswick to master it with Adam Dempsey, I fell to my knees and wept like a child. I was simply physically and emotionally exhausted! Fortunately Adam was a long time friend and was very compassionate...."Never again" he said, "Never again" I replied. What he meant of course was, don't ever do this to yourself again!

The easiest (relatively speaking) songs to create on the mini album were actually new songs such as 'Beautiful Bird', 'Duck Shooting' and 'Arm Yourself' as these were fresher and the inspiration was easier to tap into, which made the recording process quicker. 'Beautiful Bird' for example was written about a relationship I was in at the time, written in a few days and recorded the following week using her guitar! Tracks like 'Joan Of Arc' and the title track 'Extinct Hearts' took a little more work. Some of the mini-album was recorded at my home studio in Pascoe Vale South, however a chunk of it was recorded while I was homeless (or between addresses) and staying in a tiny art room at a friends house. \'Joan Of Arc\' was recorded there, and the vocals were sung on my knees as there was no room to stand as the couch (which was my bed) took up the floor space. The only engineering assistance I received was by friend and producer Myles Mumford who recorded my piano parts for Glass Jaws at Atlantis Sound and also a few backing vocals at his home, and I also had some wonderful special guests including Edmondo Ammendola from Augie March and Francesca Mountfort (nervous Doll Dancing) recorded some gorgeous cello on \'Beautiful Bird' and 'Arm Yourself'. 

But as much as Extinct Hearts was an enormous effort to record myself (not to mention the demons I had to face recording and mixing my own material on a very slow computer, and living in my own head day in day out) it will always remain a great lesson for me and a humble experience. When you truly suffer for your art like this you really take on a whole new appreciation for the art of creating. I now have a brand new iMac, so no more bouncing and I can now really record and mix like I should be, however, I will never struggle over a piece of work as I did Hearts (well I hope not anyway) and so this mini album will always remain very special to me. 

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Deserters: Pale Morning available for sale & launch tour! (Oct 2009)
Deserters: Pale Morning available for sale & launch tour!

A "pale morning" is coming to your home town, "deserters" beware! Popboomerang is thrilled to announce the debut album from  Melbourne band "Deserters" is available for sale! For fans of bands such as Even, The Pictures, Who, Go Betweens & Teenage Fanclub! If you live in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane then you will be lucky to see them launch the album live! (go to ) for all info. Adelaide & WA tours are being planned as we speak.


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Georgia Fields gives the world "One Finger" (Oct 2009)
Georgia Fields gives the world

Hey Popboomers, we are proud to bring you the brand new Georgia Fields film clip “one finger” You can view the clip in all it’s glory at From Georgia herself, here is a little story we call: The making of "One Finger" Music Video

In 1992, The Simpsons aired an episode entitled "A Streetcar Named Marge", in which Marge wins the role of Blanch DuBois for Springfield\'s musical production of Tennessee Williams\' "A Streetcar Named Desire".  At the end of the episode, in a complete misinterpretation of Blanche\'s parting words as she is carted off to the nuthouse, the cast of The Simpsons\' musical (including Chief Wiggam) burst into a cheery musical number.  "You can always rely on the kindness of strangers..."

This classic morsel of Simpsons humour often pops into my head whenever I am genuinely blessed by the kindness of strangers.  For example, when director Rohan Spong contacted me out of the blue via Myspace, with the idea for a music video.

Rohan had heard my music online and was keen to work together on an animated, effects-based clip.  He had seen the artwork for the forthcoming single, which featured playing cards, and wanted to create this gorgeous, kaleidoscopic world for me to sing in.  As a teacher at Melbourne Uni, he was able to secure a big studio with a green screen for a Saturday shoot. 

 I was very nervous!  But Rohan was a patient coach, and infectiously charismatic too.  Thankfully he had been very specific with his storyboarding, so Judith and I had an idea of what effects would be happening around us.  I brought in a million dresses and we just decided who was going to wear what on the day.  I looked like a strange bag lady, carrying masses of petticoats and gowns up the University steps.  We had sushi for lunch and I brought some champagne along for ‘nips of courage’.

Claire Henry assisted Rohan with lighting and direction, and was just this divine force of calming, problem-solving energy.  The hair and makeup artist, Helen Keegan, was an incredible wizard of prosthetics!  I had had a bad bicycle accident that week and had a red scab and some slight swelling on my chin.  She did this crazy thing with highlighting and shading and made it look as though it wasn’t even there.  And how amazing do Judith’s lips look??!   My dear friend Airdree Makim designs jewelry for Joolz, and lent us the stunning ‘pearls & playing card’ necklaces for the shoot.

Rohan worked tirelessly over the following weeks on animation and rendering, post-production, and all that mysterious visual sorcery that goes into music videos.  Despite my nerves on the day, and my relative inexperience in front of the camera, I had a ball… and drove home humming that Simpson’s musical number.  Then when Rohan delivered the outstanding finished clip a few months later, I knew that Chief Wiggam had been right – you really can rely on the kindness of strangers.

Hope you enjoy the music video, Georgia Fields

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Russell Crawford Rides His Bad Luck! (Sep 2009)
Russell Crawford Rides His Bad Luck!

Hey everyone -Popboomerang is very proud to announce the release of the brand new Russell Crawford EP & filmclip "Bad Luck" The EP is available now in stores & mailorder from popboomerang! Would you please join us in a preview of the clip at

Here is some vital info from the horses mouth about the making of “bad luck”

The making of “BAD LUCK” music clip.

 I have an old school friend that does lights for "home and Away" so I approached him and he basically got a little team together to shoot it. Hamish Jones did  lights , Phil Drayton on camera 1, Bryan Rees was Assistant director and Dave Shrader was Editor

I had the basic concept and went crazy overboard working out every shot second by second. The cast are all drum students of mine. Really cool kids. We hired the classroom. It\s actually part of a museum. It\'s a genuine 1950's classroom. They have some rooms there that date back to 1800's. Pretty cool place. We shot it in one day. We had pizza for lunch. The animation was all done before hand. I had a homemade tracing table and I drew between 500 and 1000 pictures. I enjoyed it though. Very therapeutic. We scanned them into the computer and Dave the editor went to work putting it all together. That was a big job. It was really great fun up until the last minute trying to get everything in the right format. I stress easily. Dave did an amazing job to get it all finished in 10 days from when we shot it.


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Popboomerang sign Russell Crawford (Aug 2009)
Popboomerang sign Russell Crawford

Popboomerang are overjoyed to announce a 2nd signing this month. Sydneysider Russell Crawford is our newest recruit and his new EP! “Bad Luck” will be released in October. You might have seen Russell drumming for Australian acts such as Josh Pyke, Perry Keyes, Richard Clapton and Mark Seymour but the time is now right for Russell to jump off the stool and bring his own pop songs to the world!. Influential USA label & music retailer Notlame remarked “Crawford has a gifted voice and a confident knack for writing dexterous pop songs. A breath of fresh air”. The “Bad Luck” EP will precede the “Floating Aimlessly” album to be released early 2010.

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Popboomerang sign Jona Byron (Aug 2009)
Popboomerang sign Jona Byron

In exciting Popboomerang news, Popboomerang welcomes Melbourne artist Jona Byron to the label. Jona Byron is a singer/songwriter/instrumentalist who is not easy to pigeonhole. He has a unique voice that balances somewhere between Grant Lee Phillips, Ed Harcourt, Jeff Buckley and Bill Calllahan and there is no mistaking his lyrical aphorism and his approach to music, which is raw and painfully honest. Jona’s music and songwriting has been revered by artists such as Conway Savage (The Bad Seeds) and Glenn Richards (Augie March) and has toured and played with acts such as Machine Translations, Sime Nugent and Jason Mraz. Popboomerang will release Jona’s new EP “Extinct Hearts” (lead single “Glass Jaws” has just been released to radio) in October and his debut album “Halo’s” in early 2010

Georgia Fields gives Popboomerang the "One Finger" (Jun 2009)
Georgia Fields gives Popboomerang the

Popboomerang are over the moon to announce we have signed Melbourne singer Georgia Fields.  Whether playing solo or with her mini-indie-orchestra, Georgia Fields charms audiences with her blend of timeless pop, vintage folk, and unconventional instrumentation. Her live band can extend to include a string quartet, brass quintet, clarinet, piano, glockenspiel, melodica, guitar, ukulele, bass, drums, and vibraphone… As well as a confused children’s toy, a lemonade can, and a cordless drill.

Popboomerang will release Georgia’s new EP “One Finger” which is the follow up to the was independently released debut EP, Drama on the High Seas of Emotion. The One Finger EP contains the b-side “Moon To Dust” and a live cover version of “Sweet Child Of Mine” along with the “One Finger” film clip. The EP was recorded with the help of multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire, Judith Hamann (cello, harp, vocals, piano, and more), Engineer whizkid Myles Mumford (Lamplight; Martin Martini & The Bone Palace Orchestra)... with ARIA & APRA-awarded Greg Arnold of Australian folk/rock institution Things of Stone and Wood in the producer’s seat (Carus; Skipping Girl Vinegar).


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Popboomerang welcome "Deserters" (Jun 2009)
Popboomerang welcome

Popboomerang Records are excited to announce the signing of Melbourne band “Deserters” for the release of their debut album “Pale Morning”. “Deserters” are led by Luke Thomas (guitar/lead vocal), who moonlights in other native Melbourne acts The Pictures and the Ronson Hangup.

The bands  music is a tapestry influenced by the likes of the Beatles, Neil Finn, Oasis, The Band, The Stone Roses, Wilco, The Go-Betweens and Teenage Fanclub.

more info at

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Sparks On The Tarmac Ready! Special Free CD Offer! (May 2009)
Sparks On The Tarmac Ready! Special Free CD Offer!

Popboomerang is excited to announce that the new album from D. Rogers "Sparks On The Tarmac" is ready for sale! As a special offer, the first 5 Popboomerang customers who purchase the album will receive a FREE copy of D. Rogers's 2nd album "Neath The Dark Of Fuses Blown". For those unlucky enough to be the first 5, Popboomerang will throw in a  special 2 track sampler from the older album. Don;t forget to add a copy of the new Beautiful Few album to your order!

Check out D. Rogers at

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Popboomerang sign D.Rogers (Apr 2009)
Popboomerang sign D.Rogers

Popboomerang Records are excited to announce we will be releasing the brand new album “Sprks On The Tarmac” from Melbourne pop wonder D.Rogers. For the uninitiated, D.Rogers played in the mighty fine local outfit “Klinger” and has 2 great solo albums under his belt prior to this new effort. Sparks On The Tarmac features 14 new compositions and the musical talent of the cream of the Melbourne music scene: Adrian Whitehead, Emma Heeney, Ben Birchall, Sophie Black, Fi Claus, Dave Kleynjans & Tim Reid.

The album will be ready for sale late May.


Few Beautiful Stars Above The Sea! (Apr 2009)
Few Beautiful Stars Above The Sea!

 Hey guys! Happy Easter! The new Beautiful Few single "Stars Above The Sea goes out to media this week in Australia! The single is the first teaser from the bands amazing album "The Nights You Did Your Hair" which is due back from pressing this week! (pre order now).  Here is the scoop:

THE BEAUTIFUL FEW presents Melbourne/Sicilian poet and songwriter Marisa Fazio (Continental Kissing) on STARS ABOVE THE SEA, the 1st single from their new album, THE NIGHTS YOU DID YOUR HAIR.

Brought to vivid life by Fazio’s gorgeous vocals, STARS ABOVE THE SEA is a pulsing night track where romantic expectation leaves one left with only the dawn, a stained glass church and an Italian coffee. The water themes continue on this taster EP with the stunning ATLANTIC EDGE sung by the highly acclaimed Oliver Mann followed by Marcus Teague of Deloris contributing the sweetly momentary TO LOVE YOU FOR A DAY. A sing-a-long trip down The Frankston Line (a non-album track) rounds out the adventure.

These songs are from the band’s first studio release since If You Change Your City…You’re Sure To Change Your Style (Album of the Year, Bronius Zumeris, Beat Magazine, 2005). The new album features sixteen guest vocalists embellishing a suitcase of lyrical pop tunes. They can be funny, sad, romantic and poignant; sometimes all in the one song.

These songs are the late afternoon drinks that lead you to THE NIGHTS YOU DID YOUR HAIR. 

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Merry Xmas & Happy new Year from Popboomerang (Jan 2009)
Merry Xmas & Happy new Year from Popboomerang
Merry Xmas & Happy New Year everyone! Thank you for supporting Popboomerang in 2008 & we plan to bring you a series of great Australian releases in 2009 & beyond!
Here is a picture of our little girl Indigo at her first X-mas!
We have a new section of the site called "Scotties corner" where I will post random ramblings from time to time so please check it out at
This update contains a list of my fave releases of 2008

Popboomerang Records sign The Beautiful Few (Dec 2008)
Popboomerang Records sign The Beautiful Few
Popboomerang Records are proud to announce that they will release the new album from Melbourne band “The Beautiful Few” early 2009. A year in the making, the final track listing of the yet to be titlted album features the vocal talents of Mikel Simic (Black Sea Gentlemen), Marcus Teague (Deloris), Oliver Mann, Rob & Lisa McDowell (Plastic Palace Alice), Marisa Fazio (Continental Kissing), Pete McKeown (The Revenant) & Bek Varcoe (Tugboat, Gregory Day, Adam Cole (The Happily Ever After Land Band/Pollen Choir), Anthony Atkinson, Amaya Laucirica & Andrew Keese, Justin Hayward (The Underminers), Julitha Ryan & Brett Poliness (Silver Ray).
 A single will be released prior to the album and a national tour to support the album will follow in the middle of the 2009.
 More info & sound samples at

New Popboomerang Merch in time for X-mas! (Nov 2008)
New Popboomerang Merch in time for X-mas!

Hey guys, we have just had some great Popboomerang Trucker Caps ($10) and Stubbie holders ($5) made up for x-mas! Get in fast with your orders as these items won't last & it could be a while til we have them back in stock! We have created a new "merch" section so head over & have a peek & place your orders if you are keen to snare an item for you or a loved one! Don't forget the summer sale is still on & you geta  free Popboomerang compilation album of your choice with any full length album purchase! 

Merry X-mas!


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You Can Be Part of a New Tamas Wells Film Clip (Oct 2008)
You Can Be Part of a New Tamas Wells Film Clip

You Can Be Part of a New Tamas Wells Film Clip


Tamas Wells FiLm CLiP

We need FIFTY PEOPLE to be involved by taking simple photos for a new YouTube film clip for one of the new Tamas Wells songs. And through Myspace we are giving you the chance to be involved !!!

You can be from anywhere in the world and all you need is a plain digital camera (or phone with a camera) and time to take a couple of simple photos in the city or place where you live. (we will give more instructions about what to do to the people who are selected).

The first 50 people to leave comments on this blog (or send a message with 'Film Clip' as the subject) will be selected to feature in the film clip - so all you need to do to enter is to leave your comment below or send a message. Once the fifty places have been filled we will contact you and let you know what to do next.

Be quick if you want to be part of it !!!

Head to  to register your interest


Popboomerang is excited to announce the release of the debut 10 song Skipping Girl Vinegar album “Sift The Noise on September 13. The album features the singles “One Chance & “Sift The Noise: which have both been received with much excitement from fans & the press. Pre-order the Skipping Girl Vinegar's debut album in the next week and receive a bonus, limited edition SGV Library Bag! (see pic)

ALBUM + Bonus Library Bag - $30.00 + postage from

The Aerial Maps debut album ready for sale! (Sep 2008)
The Aerial Maps debut album ready for sale!

Popboomerang are excited to announce that the Aerial Maps debut album "In The Blinding Sunlight" is ready for sale. For those who have not clued in, The Aerial Maps are the songwriting vehicle for ex Modern Giant member Adam Gibson. Adam's unique storeytelling style of songwriting has been winning over fans & critics alike, from his songs like "Angie Hart" and "The Band Has Broken Up" with Modern Giant and with the recent singles Aerial Maps promo singles "Australian Girls Are The Coolest" and "One Of These Nights"

Adams vision is now fully realised & the full Aerial Maps album has landed. Recorded through 2008 with the help of some star studded friends. You can sample the band at & pick up the album from Popboomerang now!


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Tamas Wells: A Mark On The Pain back in stock with bonus Stitch in Time EP (Aug 2008)
Tamas Wells: A Mark On The Pain back in stock with bonus Stitch in Time EP
 Popboomerang Are excited to announce that the debut Tamas Wells album “A Mark On The Pain” (produced by Tim Whitten) is back in stock. The album has been re-pressed with the now unavailable “Stitch In Time 6 track EP added on as bonus tracks) Pick up your copy if you missed out the first time around or have recently discovered Tamas.
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Tamas Wells Melbourne CD Launch Friday Aug 15 (Aug 2008)
Tamas Wells Melbourne CD Launch Friday Aug 15
'Two Years in April' is the new album from Burma based artist Tamas Wells. And it has been a remarkable two years.
After a wave of excitement in Japan about Wells' 2006 album 'A Plea en Vendredi', he signed deals with renowned Tokyo based label Inpartmaint and also with China based label Pocket Records (also home to Dirty Three). The result of these deals was remarkable with 'A Plea en Vendredi' selling thousands of copies,reaching Number 16 on Japan's HMV Shibuya international chart and culminating in two sell out tours of Japan. Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Tamas Wells moved to the city of Yangon in Burma in early 2006 and with just a guitar, a traditional Burmese banjo and the occasional subtle use of strings began recording songs for what would become the new album 'Two Years in April'.
'Two Years in April' was released internationally in June 2008 and Wells returns to Melbourne Friday August 15th to play Northcote Uniting Church with special guests The Steadfast Shepherd (Tas). Ticket reservations by emailing . Tickets $12 with reservation/$15 at the door.

Popboomerang 'Sift The Noise' with Skipping Girl Vinegar (Jul 2008)
Popboomerang 'Sift The Noise' with Skipping Girl Vinegar
Popboomerang are excited to announce we will be releasing the debut album from Melbourne band Skipping Girl Vinegar. The band received significant offers from several large Australian labels but the band decided to explore staying independent at all costs. Popboomerang & our distribution partner MGM have been able to work together to come up with a deal that satisfies the bands needs & keeps them from the clutches of the major Australian corporate players. Below is the scoop:
Skipping Girl Vinegar’s debut album Sift The Noise was recorded in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and studios across Melbourne – as well as ‘The Lookout’, a beach shack in Aireys Inlet. It was mixed and mastered in London, New York and Nashville (with well known Producer Brad Jones).
After some serious major label & indie offers in Australia and a groundswell of international interest in the group rivaling that here in Australia, Skipping Girl Vinegar chose to turn down major label offers and maintain their independent route via Melbourne indie label Popboomerang & MGM distribution. The band are excited to be able to continue their working relationship with both Popboomerang and MGM and look forward to releasing their debut album Sift The Noise in Australia on September 13th 2008. Popboomerang will be taking pre-orders for the album soon (early birds will snare a deluxe & limited edition collectors item packaging). The album will be available mail-order only from in the short term as the band seeks international partners.

One Of Those Nights! Aerial Maps new single goes to Media (Jul 2008)
One Of Those Nights! Aerial Maps new single goes to Media
Popboomerang is excited to announce the Aerial Maps new promo single “One Of Those Nights” has been to released to the media this week. The Aerial Maps debut single “Australian Girls Are The Coolest Girls” made a real splash in the Australian music scene, the lyrics generating lots of discussions & extreme reactions. We are hoping the new single can increase the bands profile in preparation for the bands debut album “In the Blinding Sunlight” which will be available for sale early September.

4 brand spanking new albums ready for Sale! (May 2008)
4 brand spanking new albums ready for Sale!
Hey guys! Exciting news! We have 4 brand spanking poptastic releases finally ready for sale! Popboomerang proudly bring you the debut album “Consonant Cacophony”  from 7 piece Melbourne act Danna & The Changes This band evolved from much loved Melbourne act The Suits who you will remember have an exclusive track from “Shake Yer Popboomerang 2”
Next up we have the much anticipated 3rd album by Melbourne artist Tamas Wells called “Two Years In April”. Tamas wrote & recorded this album while living in Yangon, Myanmar/Burma and is therefore an exciting musical document of his time abroad.
Also pressed up in a beautiful digipack and ready for sale is the long awaited debut album from Adrian Whitehead called “One Small Stepping Man”. Adrian has played in bands such as The Trims & Mome Raths (see Shake Yer Popboomerang ) but he is now ready for the word to hear his solo masterpiece!
Finally we are excited to announce that Sydney’s Bryan Estepa has delivered his new album called “Sunday Best” Many Popboomerang fans went wild over his debut album “All The Bells & Whistles” & this new album is even better!
I know many of you have been waiting for these albums to be ready before completing your mail order purchases so now is the time to pounce! You can scoop retail & the other various international mailorder stores by ordering the albums at
Mp3’s of the new releases are online at the bands myspace pages & also
So what are you waiting for! I can’t wait to hear from you all!

Popboomerang sign Danna & The Changes (Apr 2008)
Popboomerang sign Danna & The Changes

Popboomerang are excited to announce they have signed new Melbourne pop/rock outfit "Danna and the  Changes." Lead singer/songwriter Danna previously fronted much loved Melbourne band "The Suits". Danna and the Changes will release their debut album "Consonant Cacophony" in July 2008. more info at

in other great news, the debut album from Adrian Whitehead & the brand new album from Tamas Wells have gone to pressing! Watch this space for more info!

Popboomerang Pre Easter Sale! (Feb 2008)
Popboomerang Pre Easter Sale!

Easter comes early for pop fans with Popboomerang deciding to throw a pre easter sale! As we gear up for the release of a number of new releases in 2008, we have decided that some of the back catalogue CD’S sitting here in boxes deserve to find new homes & be heard!

So we have dropped the prices on most of various Popboomerang titles until the end of easter. Most albums at have been reduced by between $5-$10 dollars each & most EPs & singles are at nicer prices! Snap up great melodic aussie pop by the likes of Brilliant Fanzine, Grand Atlantic, Tim Reid, Bryan Estepa, The Wellingtons & many more. Pick up cool “best of” comps by Kelly’s Heels & Splitsville as well as the critically acclaimed “Shake Yer Popboomerang” & “Planet Of The Popboomerang” Volumes

Take advantage if you or your friends are looking for some great pop for Easter!


Popboomerang signs The Aerial Maps (Feb 2008)
Popboomerang signs The Aerial Maps

Popboomerang Records is excited to announced they have signed Sydney based band The Aerial Maps & will release their debut album “In the Blinding Sunlight” in April this year. The Aerial Maps is the creation of Sydney based musician Adam Gibson. Popboomerang fans will recognize Adams name as he was formerly bassist/songwriter of the band Modern Giant – an outfit which combined Adam's unique storytelling with guitar pop songs. Adam has now taken his musical path an exciting step forward with the debut album from The Aerial Maps. The songs on this album are influenced by the bright landscapes described by Australian bands like the Triffids, the Go-Betweens, Weddings Parties Anything and Not Drowning Waving.

With like-minded people on board – Simon Holmes, former main man for the revered band The Hummingbirds, Adam's brother Simon Gibson on drums and guitar, plus Andy Meehan on guitar and piano and singer/novelist/guitarist Lucy Lehmann - In the Blinding Sunlight is a compelling and unique work.

The album invites the listener on a journey on long roads to empty towns, to forgotten cake shops and the loves you lost somewhere. It's hot or it's cold, it's crowded or it's empty ... but seen from above, seen from an aerial view, it all somehow makes a form of sense. The Aerial Maps connect the dots between all of that and more. The album will be preceded by the single “Australian Girls” which should hit your radio airwaves in the next few weeks.

Sample The Aerial Maps at

Welcome to 2008! (Jan 2008)
Hey guys! Happy new year! Popboomerang is planning for 2008 to be our biggest yet! Lots of new releases on the horizon!
New Website!
Some of you may have already noticed the Popboomerang website has changed! A big thank you to Tom Collins who has been working hard over the past few months making all the changes! I hope you will find the site easier to navigate & more organized & informative! We have a new automated shopping cart that links to paypal. We hope to introduce credit card facilities later this year so stayed tuned for that!


Popboomerang sign Brilliant Fanzine (Aug 2007)
Popboomerang sign Brilliant Fanzine

Melbourne indie band Brilliant Fanzine burst onto the scene in 2005, with
their track "One in 10,000" being discovered by Triples J's Robbie
Buck. They gained praise and accolades from both the media and fans alike,
being touted as the 'next big thing'. Amidst all the attention they retreated to the studio and began crafting works for their debut Album "Then Comes Monday" with producer Simon Polinski (The Church, Tim Finn).

Popboomerang are excited to announce we will be releasing the first single from the album "Change for You" (plus 3 exclusive non album tracks) on the 6th of October with “Here Comes Monday” hot on it’s heels in November.

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Skipping Girl Vinegar (Aug 2007)
Skipping Girl Vinegar

Popboomerang are excited to announce they have signed Melbourne
Melbourne alt-acoustic, four-piece Skipping Girl Vinegar who are about to release their infectious, rambling, debut single ‘One Chance’ (complete with animation film-clip). Three years in the making, ‘One Chance’ will be in-stores September 15th across Australia through Popboomerang / MGM. Mixed at London’s famous Rak studios by renowned UK engineer Adrian Bushby (Ben Kweller, Gomez, Foo Fighters) and mastered at Sterling Sound, New York. Skipping Girl Vinegar combine old-world charm with new-school pop sensibilities, creating songs that are as urgent-sounding as they are unforgettable.

Summer Cats (Aug 2007)
Summer Cats

Sweetness and sunshine are the flavour of the day when it comes to local Melbourne popsters, Summer Cats. Together since mid 2006, this effervescent girl/boy 5 piece are delighted to announce the release of their debut Australian EP, Scratching Post, through Popboomerang Records. Featuring former Earthmen lead singer Scott Stevens, Summer Cats sprang the litter at their debut show at the Tote, Melbourne in November 2006. Since that time, they have stretched their claws to an ever widening audience, whilst barely shaving a whisker off their nine lives in the process. Their progression from kittenhood was sealed with a 3 star review on for their Hush Puppy demo. Last December, film director Spike Jonze completed this transition, referencing the band as a must see live act in a radio interview on Triple R.

In 2007, the sun continues to shine on the Summer Cats’ new release, Scratching Post. Their fizzy pop guitar and rousing vocal harmonies reveal varied influences, including everything from The Go Betweens to Stereolab and The Modern Lovers. However one thing’s for sure... when the cats come out to play, the pop is here to stay! You can hear the band at

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Tim Reid (Aug 2007)
Tim Reid

We would like to welcome back Popboomerang artist Tim Reid to Australia. Tim has been living in the UK for the past few years & he is returning soon to Australia to live (clutching a new batch of album demos also) Tim is already locked in to play a return show on October 20 at the Toff Of The Town in Melbourne supporting Emma Heeney & Sophie Koh

Add Tim Reid-'Any Given Day' To Your Basket

Gigs! Gigs girls (Aug 2007)

Skipping Girl Vinegar
24th Aug. Corner Hotel (Supporting ‘Shout Out Louds’ Sweedon)
04th Sept. Melbourne Uni (Lunchtime show 1pm)
09th Sept. Brisbane Powerhouse (Brisbane One Chance Single Launch)
22nd Sept. The Toff In Town (Melbourne One Chance Single Launch)
03rd Oct. The Hopetoun (Sydney One Chance Launch)
04th Oct. BB’s in Bondi (semi acoustic)
05th Oct. MUM World Bar in Kings Cross.
06th Oct. The Phoenix in (Canberra One Chance Single Launch)
17th Nov The Famous Speiegel Tent (Melbourne Arts Centre)

“Denim Tour” Dates:
Wednesday 29 August, Paddington Alehouse, Perth
Wednesday 5 September, Annandale Hotel, Sydney
Thursday 6 September, The Espy Front Bar, Melbourne
Friday 7 September (early), Youth Arc, Hobart (All Ages)
Friday 7 September (late), Republic Bar, Hobart
Saturday 8 September, Producers Bar, Adelaide

Til next time!


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