(PB​:​095) Livingstone Daisies: Waiting On The Last Minute

by Popboomerang



How do you get over the so-called difficult second album syndrome?
Release your second album first.

As you may or may not know, the Livingstone Daisies – Michael Barclay, Liz Stringer, and Van & Cal Walker - came together through absolute serendipity. A fortuitous mistake, a happy accident, call it what you will, musical friends, siblings and partners who felt like getting away for a weekend beachside, with the good fortune of a supportive community and generous friends who's offer of a beach shack to stay and record some new music in resulted in a brand new band and two full length albums.

The material turned out somewhat different from what the band members had individually produced in the past, and in the process realised they shared a lot of the same broad influences (such as Teenage Fanclub, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Neil Young & Crazy Horse, and The Saints, especially the Paralytic Tonight, Dublin Tomorrow EP).

The original songs were picked almost out of a hat, played, constructed and recorded over a weekend and the group had so much fun together doing it, they decided to make it an ongoing project and form The Livingstone Daisies. And by the end of the year (2011) they where back beachside, doing it all again. These now legendary weekends that bookended the year 2011 resulted in the band walking away with two complete albums under their belt before they had played even played their first live show. They decided to release their second session as their debut, feeling it was more uniform in overall sound and thus a more solid introduction for a new band, under the title 'Don’t Know What Happiness Is', and the album was received well by both punters and critics and the band began playing shows and festivals to packed audiences around the country, still surprised but grateful for this unplanned happy accident. And yet.....The first album remained unreleased.... until now! With the help of their fans (The Burlap Underground), the Livingstone Daisies second album “Waiting On The Last Minute” is now ready for release.

“Waiting On The Last Minute” is clearly a bookend to “Don’t Know What Happiness Is” with both comprising of 8 original songs by Van Walker and containing the bands trademark jangle and gorgeous vocal harmonies. However this new record is no twin copy, but rather a companion album, with a clear identity and temperature of its own. Already word is out and people are behind the album, Sherry Rich calling it 'Huge & Heartfelt' and RRR'S Neil Rogers claiming that, in his opinion, it is 'even better than the first'.

On other side

Critical Response for far for Waiting On the Last Minute....

'Melodic Muscle - in the same way that the Saints and Reigning Sound make you laugh, weep, and dance in your sleep.' - Pat Monaghan, Basement Discs

'Huge heartfelt masculine lead vocals, dreamy Oohs & Aaahs, crunchy golden guitars and clever song-crafting that feels perfectly natural and uncontrived' - Sherry Rich

'The new Livingstone Daisies album is a cracker of a record! I loved the first album, but think this album is even stronger. The songs are more focussed, jangly in sound, and have great catchy choruses. A memorable release on the ever wonderful Popboomerang label.' - Neil Rogers, RRR

'Can't believe they shelved such cool record!' - Charles Jenkins


released August 15, 2014


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