1. The Earthmen Nov.12 Tote show sampler

  2. The Naturals: We Are The Naturals

  3. John Kennedy: JFK and the Midlife Crisis

  4. (PB001) Sarah Sarah: Sing Til It Hurts

  5. (PB002) Shake Yer Popboomerang

  6. (PB003) The Finkers: Stance

  7. (PB004) Tim Reid: Any Given Day

  8. (PB005) Jericho: Retrospective

  9. (PB006) The Richies:Forever & Today

  10. (PB007) Planet Of The Popboomerang Volume 1

  11. (PB008) Remake Remode: 12345 Accelerate

  12. (PB009) Tamas Wells: A Mark On The Pane (w/bonus Stitch In Time EP)

  13. (PB010) Shake Yer Popboomerang Volume 2

  14. (PB011) Tim Reid: World That's Made For Two

  15. (PB012) Vocoder: Collapsed Stars

  16. (PB013) Kelly's Heels: Dig In!

  17. (PB014) Gigantic: Some Suburban Road

  18. (PB015) Splendid: States Of Awake

  19. (PB016) Planet Of The Popboomerang Volume 2

  20. (PB017) Frente: Try To Think Less

  21. (PB018) Magneto: Resistance Is Futile

  22. (PB019) Murphy's Lore: The Universe Conspires

  23. (PB020) Modern Giant: Satellite Nights(with free"This Is Sydney EP" - digital only)

  24. (PB021) Jane Vs World: 56k Hearts (with 4 bonus digital tracks)

  25. (PB022) Chris Murphy: Elbow Room

  26. (PB023) The Crustaceans: I'm Happy If You're Happy

  27. (PB024) Tamas Wells: A Plea En Vendredi

  28. (PB025) Beezewax: Who To Salute (Australian Version)

  29. (PB026) Four Hours Sleep: Love Specifics

  30. (PB027) Kelt: Tomorrow Is Another Today

  31. (PB028) Adrian Whitehead: A Small Stepping Man

  32. (PB029) Grand Atlantic: Smoke & Mirrors

  33. (PB030) Splitsville: Let's Go!: The Best Of Splitsville

  34. (PB031) Go You Huskies: Go You Huskies

  35. (PB032) Bryan Estepa: All The Bells & Whistles

  36. (PB033) Gigantic: Gigantaphonic Sounds

  37. (PB034) The Wellingtons: For Friends In Far Away Places

  38. (PB035) Splurge: The Cure For The Cure

  39. (PB036) Grand Atlantic: This Is Grand Atlantic

  40. (PB037) The Steinbecks: Far From The Madding Crowd

  41. (PB038) Summer Cats: Scratching Post

  42. (PB039) Brilliant Fanzine: Change For You

  43. (PB040) Brilliant Fanzine: Then Comes Monday

  44. (PB041) Skipping Girl Vinegar: One Chance

  45. (PB042) Tamas Wells: Two Years in April

  46. (PB043) Skipping Girl Vinegar: Sift The Noise (single)

  47. (PB044) Danna & The Changes: Consonant Cacophony

  48. (PB045) Bryan Estepa: Sunday Best

  49. (PB046) Electric & Eclectic Rarities#1:free download

  50. (PB047) Skipping Girl Vinegar: Sift The Noise (album)

  51. (PB048) Aerial Maps: In the Blinding Sunlight

  52. (PB049) The Beautiful Few: The Nights You Did Your Hair

  53. (PB050) The Sunshine Ponies: Mixtapes & Soundtracks

  54. (PB051) D. Rogers: Sparks On The Tarmac

  55. (PB052) Georgia Fields: One Finger

  56. (PB053) Deserters: Pale Morning

  57. (PB054) Jona Byron: Extinct Hearts

  58. (PB055) Russell Crawford:Bad Luck

  59. (PB056) Russell Crawford: Floating Aimlessly

  60. (PB057) Skipping Girl Vinegar: Sinking

  61. (PB058) Georgia Fields: Drama On The High Seas Of Emotion

  62. (PB059) The Bon Scotts: Oddernity

  63. (PB060) The Solomons: EP

  64. (PB061) Young Werther: Knights Of The Department Store

  65. (PB062) Georgia Fields: Something Borrowed, Something Blue

  66. (PB063) Celadore: Distance Is A Gun

  67. (PB064) Underminers: Heart Part Of Your Mind

  68. (PB065) Brilliant Fanzine: This Old Star EP

  69. (PB066) Tamas Wells: Thirty People Away

  70. (PB067) Skipping Girl Vinegar: One Long Week

  71. (PB068) Georgia Fields: Georgia Fields

  72. (PB069) Prettymess: Greyscale Broadcast

  73. (PB070) Skipping Girl Vinegar: Wasted

  74. (PB071) The Aerial Maps: The Sunset Park

  75. (PB072) D. Rogers: Natural Disasters

  76. (PB073) The Killjoys: Pearl & Ruby (2 CD SET)

  77. (PB074)The Bon Scotts: We Will All Die at the Hands of C.G.I.

  78. (PB075) Skipping Girl Vinegar: Here She Comes

  79. (PB076) Celadore:The Bright & Blue

  80. (PB078) Skipping Girl Vinegar: Keep Calm Carry The Monkey

  81. (PB079) Deserters: Lemon Kicks/Stars Burn

  82. (PB080) Skipping Girl Vinegar: You Can

  83. (PB081) Tim Reid: Only One

  84. (PB082):Skipping Girl Vinegar:Chase The Sun

  85. (PB084) Aches and Shakes:2002-2012–A Decade Of Popboomerang!

  86. (PB083) Go-Go Sapien-This Body Is Wrong For Us-CD/DVD set

  87. (PB085) The Sugargliders: A Nest With A View 1990-1994

  88. (PB086) Penny Hewson: It's An Endless Desire

  89. (PB087) Deserters : Quay of Sea (plus bonus debut album)!

  90. (PB088) Deserters: Vacant Sea/Hitchiker

  91. (PB:089) The Steinbecks: Kick to kick with The Steinbecks (free rare 7" for first 50 CD orders)

  92. (PB090) Livingstone Daisies: Don't Know What Happiness Is

  93. (PB091)The Solicitors: Made To Measure (w/ free bonus digital single "Quicksand")

  94. (PB092) Skipping Girl Vinegar: Making Our Way

  95. PB:093 Mick Thomas & the Roving Commission: Christmas Day At Spencer Street

  96. (PB094) Nick Batterham: Closing Time At Yah Yah’s

  97. (PB:095) Livingstone Daisies: Waiting On The Last Minute

  98. (PB:096) - Mick Thomas presents:Vandemonian Lags - New Songs From the Prison Without Walls

  99. PB:097 - (DVD) Mick Thomas Presents - VANDEMONIAN LAGS - New Songs from the Prison Without Walls

  100. (PB098): Four Hours Sleep

  101. (PB:099) Nick Batterham: Lucky Cat

  102. (PB:100)

  103. The Earthmen: College Heart (PB​:​101)

  104. (PB:102) The Solicitors: Blank Check

  105. (PB:103) Tamas Wells: On the Volatility of the Mind

  106. (PB:104) Freya Josephine Hollick: Beauty and Sorrow

  107. (PB:106) Livingstone Daisies: Loose Fries In The Bag

  108. (PB:107) Central Rain: Flying Information

  109. (PB:108) Nick Batterham: Self Inflicted No Sympathy

  110. The Melbourne Divide

  111. Central Rain: Cold Turkey On Christmas Day

  112. (free) Popboomerang 2010 X-Mas Party Sampler

  113. The Solicitors: If You Let Me Hold You

  114. Up To Our Eyeball In It: A Popboomerang sampler

  115. Buy a ticket to "Welcome To The Jangle" (Popboomerang Triple CD Launch - May 10 Workers Club)

  116. (free) Popboomerang Theme Songs)

  117. (free) Popboomerang Records: Making A Big Sound! #1

  118. (free) Popboomerang Records: Making A Big Sound! #2

  119. Popboomerang presents: PopGeekHeaven.com

  120. (free) It's Always Summer At Popboomerang

  121. The Solicitors: Quicksand

  122. “Power Pop Double Shot” featuring Livingstone Daisies (brand new single) & The Grapes


Popboomerang Australia

Australian music label founded by Scott Thurling and releasing its first CD in 2002 with over 80 recordings to date.

Specialising in melodic pop, jangle, folk and rock and predominantly working with Australian bands with the aim to building their careers locally & internationally.

Artists include Skipping Girl Vinegar, Georgia Fields, The Aerial Maps, Celadore, Bon Scotts, Tamas Wells & Tim Reid
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